Friday, January 6, 2017

Faded Grey: A Quiet Time Of Desperation

Faded Grey were awesome, they had that familiar hard core sound I loved but with enough of a difference in sound to make them stand on their own... It bums me out to think that I missed many Faded Grey gigs because I was a new father working two jobs to get my family off the ground, but I still managed to catch them on nights my mom and dad were down to babysit & the few times I caught them they were amazing as fuck... I have to say for all of my parents faults they have been amazing grandparent and insisted that I leave the kids at their house for the night, so we could have some alone time... if it wasn't for them I am not sure I would have caught any punk or hard core action at the time... Anyway I found this sticker in a copy of A Quiet Time of Desperation, which you already know is a great record! 

here is a live set of their reunion @ Nate  FEST

here is a positive review for them on

this is where you can find a copy of their record

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