Saturday, January 21, 2017


Well, I was bummed to read on the One Sided War blog that Off The Record closed it's doors, sure besides getting wasted at Dan Padilla's last show I haven't been to San Diego for a couple of years... Previous to my couple year absence from San Diego I would hit up Off The Record about twice a year starting in 1990... over the years I picked up many great pieces of music that would help shape my taste in audio terror, Off The Record was the first place I bought a Fugazi, Hickey, Dag Nasty, & Moss Icon album... I also picked up god awful cassettes there such as the Mentor's Rock Bible, sure I just said that album was awful but over the years my friends & I would laugh about songs like Constantly Jackin, and lyrics such as, "living on welfare, I don't care what the people think of me, I'm living on welfare and I don't care, can't you see?" that 7 dollar purchase gave me hours of entertainment and things to talk about, for fuck sake I didn't know what a "strawberry" was until I heard it mentioned on the track My Daughter Is A Strawberry.... One of my favorite Accused albums is More Fun Than An Open Casket Funeral, and over the years I could never seem to stumble across a copy, until one day I came walking in & saw a copy in the used bin... I almost flipped my daughter's stroller over in all the excitement. ha, I should have! My daughter is now 20  and has her own awful taste in music... if memory serves me correct I think I may have been to 3 different Off The Record locations over the years, not sure if that is correct but I am a raging alcoholic, so shoot me! I will miss Off The Record but will always be thankful for the great music I was exposed to!
this business card has graced many walls in many of the homes I have jammed music in... which is a reminder I hate moving but have seemed to have done a lot of it over the years...

here's where I first read the bad news

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