Friday, January 6, 2017

Slayer @ the Joint

 I have to admit I was drunk as fuck at this show & showed up just in time to miss every band but Slayer, no worries for the most part I think metal sucks... I have to admit I thought the best part of this show was the people yelling random shit like, "Satan", "fuck you", and of course the obligatory, "!!!SLAYER!!!" It's not that Slayer was bad, it's just that the Joint just seems to lack any life... every concert I have ever caught here has just seemed lifeless as fuck, something about the sound, sure it's loud but just not full or something... Hay, I am not a sound engineer! I am not a huge fan of big shows, but I think if a show is gonna be in a douche venue I would prefer for them to be at the House of Blues. 

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