Thursday, January 12, 2017

The Latest Flames - I Try! 7"


ADZ, Subjective Right, Gettin Off, the Cheaters @ the OZONE

never understood why the Adolescents went by ADZ, I assume it's because some people left or some shit, but having no original members has never stopped a punk band from doing anything... "No Booze Inside"? fuck that shit!

the Seriouslys CD

I think this may have been a Punk Rock Bowling only CD... I miss the Seriouslys, I enjoyed them every time I saw them play, or at least I think I did, I was fucking wasted every single time I saw them play, but that is the story with every band...

You can follow them here

Professor Punn - Nine Songs For Just Five Bucks CD

there was a time when it seemed like Professor Punn was opening up for every big band roaring through Las Vegas, I wonder what these folks went on doing, let me know if you know.

if one ever pops up you can snag one here, not a lot about them on line which is a shame since for a short time they seemed to be a big part of the music scene...

or pick up a coppy of Welcome to Las Vegas It's All Down Hill to hear their track Dumpsite

Child Support - Bleach Part DEMOS

here's a scan of a newer Las Vegas ska/punk band's CD, I figured it's easier to scan it now than wait ten years to do so... check out Child Support when you get the chance... I'll eventually post a review on, thanks to Power Pop Joey @ Record City for the disc!

listen to Bleach Party here

follow the band here

Substance D, Skratch My Ass Heart Attack, 2nd Heirs Rein @ the Hobnob

possibly the crudest flyer I have ever received, nudity, part of the flyer is burnt, there's writing on the back and it may have been used as toilet paper at some point in time  

Underground Records...

...I founded out about many punk rock shows, picked up fanzines, & scored so much amazing music at the Underground Records!