Sunday, April 28, 2013

Motorpsycho, Area 51, Uncle Slam @ Sneakers

Motorhead, Mindzone, Rattle Bone

Megadeth @ the Queen Theater

Marky Ramone @ Pinkes!

Madness, Reverend Horton Heat, Face To Face, Hepcat @ the South Padre Amphitheatre

M.I.A. @ the Breakout

Lethal Injection @ the Brass Monkey

The Lemonheads @ the Huntridge Theatre

LAPD, Papsmear, Polluted Views @ the Henderson Elks Lodge
this is the show where that guy Zack got the shit beat out of him

KMFDM, Chemlab, Sister Machine Gun, Diatribe @ the Asylum

Friday, April 26, 2013

Junkie Nuns, Dead Marilyn, Current Resident @ The Highlander

Jawbreaker, Moist, Pocketchange @ the Cattle Club

Isaac Green & the Skalars, Skavoovie & the Epitones, Skammunists, Spring Heeled Jack @ the Showcase Theatre

INFEST, Insult, Asshole Parade, Magrudergrind, Vaccine, Strong Intention, Shit Storm @ Churchill's Pub

ILL Repute, Lagwagon, Fuck Shit Piss, Propeller @ the Huntridge Theatre

Straight Faced, Ignite, Faceplant @ the Sanctuary

Huntridge 6 Week Calender - all sorts of good stuff

Hot Water Music, Leatherface, Small Bown Bike @ the Glass House

The Horde of Torment, Area 51, Junkie Nuns @ the Henderson Elks Lodge

Fried Green, Boba Fett Youth, Heroines, Lickity Split, M.F.I.X. @ the Henderson Elks Lodge

Bristle, Kontrol, False Cause Sin City Slackers, HELP, Acto Humanitario, the Hatefucks

Guttermouth @ the House of Blues

the Generiks, Step Ahead, Whiskey Dicks, FI @ the Hob Nob

G.B.H., Self Abuse, F8 @ the Garden Club

F.Y.P, Cardboard Mansion, Boba Fett Youth, Tomorrows Gone, Dirty Gynch @ the Henderson Elks Lodge

All sorts of punk rock action at the Huntridge Theatre... GBH, 98 Mute, Billy Club, Lagwagon, Bouncing Souls, All Systems Go, Fugazi

Flipper, Welt @ the Cattle Club

Fleshies, Dual Diagnosed, Genghis and the Cons, Sons of Liberty, Dirty Mouth & the Ouliettes @ Venus Envy Clothing (Reno)

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Fixtures, Life of Lies, Puckered Starfish, the Importents, Keep On Truckin, Jill @ the Jaycee Lodge

Deftones, Filibuster, The God Squad @ the Cattle Club

Lagwagon, No Use For A Name, Tilt, Strung Out, Good Riddance @ the Huntridge Theatre

All Sorts of good stuff... Faded Grey, Organic, the Pinheads, Johnny Lingo Live, Roundabout, 3rd Man In, Midday Overcast, !SP-X, Spilltown, Lemon 15, Think of Rufus, Mayfield Place @ the Sanctuary
the !SP-X CD Nate Dog let me jam is one of my favorite Las Vegas jams, Nathan needs to to burn everyone a copy!

Face To Face, Buck O 9, Gutfiddle @ the Huntridge Theatre

Evil Reign, Polluted Views, Chaotic Frenzy @ the Henderson Elks Lodge

Drain Bramaged, Disgruntl, Self Destruct,Dwarf Bitch @ Pabco

Dr.Strange Records

Rhythm Collision, Schleprock, Man Dingo, Butt Trumpet @ the Huntridge Theatre

Dropkick Murphys, At The Drive In, Rocket From The Crypt, Sick Of It All...etc

D.R.I. after party!

Dirty Rotten Imbeciles 

Doggy Style, The Skrewz, Knives, No Spectators, Wolf Trap @ Riff Haus