Sunday, January 29, 2017

Sausage Hostages @ Main Gate

 I caught the Sausage Hostages a shit ton of times in the early 90's & have always wondered what happened to these guy & what other bands they ended up in... if you know let me know! Thanks, in advance!

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Benny and the Goons

remember crack-n-peel stickers? fuck, I am sure every business owner hated those fucking things... I loved them, this one is for one of my favorites, Benny and the Goons! I heard that Benny moved to Arizona and was ripping shit up out there, I hope that is true! I always liked him! 


Well, I was bummed to read on the One Sided War blog that Off The Record closed it's doors, sure besides getting wasted at Dan Padilla's last show I haven't been to San Diego for a couple of years... Previous to my couple year absence from San Diego I would hit up Off The Record about twice a year starting in 1990... over the years I picked up many great pieces of music that would help shape my taste in audio terror, Off The Record was the first place I bought a Fugazi, Hickey, Dag Nasty, & Moss Icon album... I also picked up god awful cassettes there such as the Mentor's Rock Bible, sure I just said that album was awful but over the years my friends & I would laugh about songs like Constantly Jackin, and lyrics such as, "living on welfare, I don't care what the people think of me, I'm living on welfare and I don't care, can't you see?" that 7 dollar purchase gave me hours of entertainment and things to talk about, for fuck sake I didn't know what a "strawberry" was until I heard it mentioned on the track My Daughter Is A Strawberry.... One of my favorite Accused albums is More Fun Than An Open Casket Funeral, and over the years I could never seem to stumble across a copy, until one day I came walking in & saw a copy in the used bin... I almost flipped my daughter's stroller over in all the excitement. ha, I should have! My daughter is now 20  and has her own awful taste in music... if memory serves me correct I think I may have been to 3 different Off The Record locations over the years, not sure if that is correct but I am a raging alcoholic, so shoot me! I will miss Off The Record but will always be thankful for the great music I was exposed to!
this business card has graced many walls in many of the homes I have jammed music in... which is a reminder I hate moving but have seemed to have done a lot of it over the years...

here's where I first read the bad news

Thursday, January 12, 2017

ADZ, Subjective Right, Gettin Off, the Cheaters @ the OZONE

never understood why the Adolescents went by ADZ, I assume it's because some people left or some shit, but having no original members has never stopped a punk band from doing anything... "No Booze Inside"? fuck that shit!

Substance D, Skratch My Ass Heart Attack, 2nd Heirs Rein @ the Hobnob

possibly the crudest flyer I have ever received, nudity, part of the flyer is burnt, there's writing on the back and it may have been used as toilet paper at some point in time  

Underground Records...

...I founded out about many punk rock shows, picked up fanzines, & scored so much amazing music at the Underground Records! 

This ain't no phoney movie, it's...

the Fixtures, Das Klown, Drain Bramaged, Chuck @ the Foothill 

Damnation, the Vermin, the Real Creeps @ the Wet Spot

I am constantly amazed how little effort was put into flyers in this era of punk rock!

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Four Quarts Drunk

Here is a a Demo of Four Quarts Drunk, you might know them because that cutie pie Little Brandon was in that band... Bethany once traded a Puckered Starfish demo tape for this, what an asshole!

the Leaving Trains, Area 51, Scrubs, @ Fuddy Duddys

I love the Leaving Trains! 

Sausage Hostages @ Club Rock

MU330, The Lawrence Arms, Big D & the Kids Table @ the Junkyard

the Bellrays, the Lucky Stiffs @ the Cooler Lounge

Sticky Fish, Intentions of Hate, Your Mom @ Boomers

Thursday, January 5, 2017

the Dickies, Lethal Injection, Area 51 @ the Huntridge Theatre

 I'd apologize for not posting anything in a long time, but it's not like you care, so fuck off for trying to make me feel guilty... I wish I could lie and say I was busy, but I wasn't... I haven't even done anything interesting besides getting drunk, listening to records, and reading books I don't remember reading because I was too drunk... anyway I stumbled across this flyer the other day & thought I'd post it!